From the beginning, I’ve always said to myself ‘what would be the point of starting a Steak and Chips concept unless we’re going to have the best meat’ and I firmly believe we’ve achieved this. Working really closely with the guys at Turner&George, and picking up the meat fresh most morning, we can ensure that only the best meat is served from our grill. 


Honestly, I don’t actually think I’ve had better beef than what we’re serving currently, as far as steak on the street goes it stands alone. Our rump caps come in from Yorkshire and are hung to dry in Angel for up to 5/6 weeks. The breed changes weekly but is mostly Pedigree Longhorn cattle, best of British. This means that the finished product is packed with flavor and melts in your mouth. That quality combined with our Mustard Mayo and Chimichurri makes for a seriously good plate of food. 


A must try are our Sticky Pork Ribs, sous vide for 12 hours and glazed in a smoky, spicy BBQ Sauce, then topped with Sriracha and Chimmi. Mouth-watering stuff. 


The Lamb buns really do sell themselves. 150g of Salt Marsh Lamb Rump, we use a lot older Lamb, hogget – This has much more depth of flavour, and when cooked pink is incredibly tender. So, you’ve got the Lamb, the Mustard Mayonnaise and spicy chimichurri all put between two bits of soft, grilled brioche. The juiciest thing I’ve ever eaten. 

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