We feel it’s been a long time coming, but after a couple months of trading at Lower Marsh, doing festivals and private events, we feel very proud to say that we now trade at several KERB markets across the city. The knowledge and credibility provided by KERB, combined with passions and efforts of the traders and chefs, allow for new starters like us to have a chance to run with the bulls and really get our name out there. 


Even after just a few weeks, Carcass has grown within the street food community and has been a hit. Great food combined with plenty of theatre makes for a really enjoyable lunchtime experience. 


We rock up at these markets and see some of the names that I’ve eaten at even before Carcass was established, some of which have gone on to do really great things. This time last year, I could have only dreamed to own a street food business and to have that business working alongside the greats like The Beefsteaks, Breddos, Salt Shed, The Lambassadors and many more. It really is a place where great food is celebrated. 


Come see us at KERB, find our next set up at: https://www.kerbfood.com/traders/carcass/

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